Bowie Dick test - pre-sterilization profile must reflect each program

Hi all,

For a Bowie Dick test, does the pre-sterilization phase need to be exactly the same as the sterilization programs, or can one worst case be used to cover all active programs.

This to avoid having to run a Bowie Dick test for each program every day (I have 3 active porous loads program).


Worst case of course…you should test only one cycle for BD.

BD test shows if air is pulled from chamber and replaced with steam. So, the sterilization cycle with smallest number of vacuum pulses is your worst case.

In the case that you have two different cycles with same vacuum phase, the phase with less deep vacuum should be tested.

Pay attention that tem and duration should be as manufacturer instruction… (usually there are 2 temp and use appropriate one).

So usually not whole sterilization cycle - vacuum phase should be worst case, sterilization should be as on manual after sterilization there is no need for drying phase (to make cycle shorter)…