Blister films : ALU LOOK

[b]ALU-LOOK (Aluminum Look) blister films are a versatile, high-speed packaging option when compared to other options such as cold-form foil and aluminum strip packaging.

The film is pharmaceutical-grade PVC with proprietary additives that give it a shiny, smooth foil-like appearance. ALU-LOOK films meet all US and European compliance requirements for food and pharmaceutical product contact.

ALU-LOOK’s primary application is for laminations to PCTFE films (giving it superior moisture barrier properties to protect hygroscopic contents. It offers all the benefits of conventional PCTFE laminates, like a wide barrier range and the ability to run on standard thermoforming equipment. It also provides protection from UV and visible light. And it mimics the visual characteristics of cold-form foil–but without the need for cold-form foil’s larger blister formats, expensive tooling and reduced packaging speeds. It can also be used as a mono film with no substantial changes in properties as compared to clear poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC).[/b]

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