Black particle

Dear friends from last few days iam facing the problem of black particles in filled vials of powder injection & not able to find the source.since i have cleaned heaters of my steriliser , checked water but still cant able to locate the source please help.

Dear KAP
there so many reason for this BP , pls check

  1. The vendor of vials
  2. Temp of sterilizer
    3.Pressure of washing media in washing machine during washing of vial
  3. the status and characteristic of your powder
  4. HEPA filter of Sterilizer.
    6.Cleaning of Heater Bank
  5. Take washed and then sterilized Vial and filled with filtered IPA and inspect visually
  6. Cleanliness of Area
  7. Type of Disinfectant
    10.Machine cleaning

there are some observation pls do exercise and then reply
Best of luck