Best format for screenshots

What is the best format to save screenshots fro an executed protocol



I’d suggest PNG format. It compresses very well, but is loss-less, (maintains
the exact contents of the original screen.)

Also, the Alt-Print Screen method just puts the data on your clipboard. You
could paste into Word, which may not do a good job of compression &
preserving the original data, or you can paste into Microsoft Paint and save
as a PNG format file.

Any image editing software can do this.

Example: Photoshop, Fireworks, Image ready

<img src=/uploads/db7093/original/1X/0af3e601962db5746839bd495201b79863a9e5bb.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db7093/original/1X/7783fe545895e3e9a2f16076edb6f52d77cbcf4d.png">

Its also best to include within the screenshot the local time and date, if the screenshot is to been taken from a desktop PC…adds authenticity.

Macros can be develope to place a header above each note or screen shot for traceability.

For validation notation:

Note (Initials): Val-Doc-XXX rev X Step: x.x: x Page: x of y (Date dd,mmm,yyyy)

Screen Shots shall contain the following information:

ScreenShot (Initials): Val-Doc-XXX rev X Step: x.x: Page: x of x (Date dd,mmm,yyyy)

there is a free screenshot software available online called Gadwin printscreen. it saves in JPG format and makes takking screenshots very easy.

try it.

Thank you ,nice information