Behavior Based Quality (BBQ)

I have helped develop and promote the Behavior Based Quality approach because of my belief that having a strong positive Quality Culture is good for business and generally good for the human condition. I believe that deep-down people truly want to do what is right. It is just “other stuff” that gets in their way.

Quality Needs To Follow Safety’s Lead

[COLOR=#2B2B2B]Industry has done a tremendous job in improving safety. This has been hugely helped by the use of Behavioral Based Safety. Behavior based Quality is predicated on behavioral based safety and was first conceived as an idea in March 2007 when I attended a Quarterly Operations review at a Covidien site in Galway, Ireland. We were reviewing safety data and the presenter was being congratulated for the number of safety observations and opportunities to improve and that over time were increasing. The general feeling around the table was that great progress was being made and that this was a good thing.

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