Audit Trails and ERES

Can we repalce the audit trails option with ERES transanctions.

I know that the purpose of the both are different. in some of the ERPs Audit trails are mainly for the tables and fields not for the transactions. for the transactions ERES are available. Can we enable the ERES for the transactions where audit trails required in the application.

Audit trails shoould be sytem genered and not editable as per the part 11

Pl guide me in right way


No! Audit trail data is ‘metadata’ and, as you point out, serves a different purpose. Electronic signatures are applied for specific purposes at specific times. Any change to the data requires an audit trail but not every change requires an electronic signature.

For example, if I have a document under control, someone can check it out and make changes to it. All those changes have audit trail data associated (who made the change, what changed, when the change was made, etc.). The changes may be saved without an electronic signature being applied (the changes aren’t approved and released at this point, of course). At some point, a new document revision will be released. At the release point, the approvers can apply an electronic signature.