AssetCentre and Data Integrity

Has anyone run into the issue with AssetCentre that it has an “Audit Log Cleanup Utility” available to all users that allows the audit log to be purged of records for any arbitrary date/time period? It seems the utility cannot be turned off or locked out.

Any experience or ideas on how to deal with this from a data integrity stand-point?

Three ideas:
1 - Code it to take the function out (this is modifying the code and the programmer would probably have to do that)
2 - Configure it, so that only admin loggin levels have access to that (it sounds like you’ve already tried that)
3 - Procedurealize it to say “Never press this button” - I don’t think that is a viable option, though.
4 - Link it to archive (via network) the status every second - so that an alarm or setting gets “data dumped” offline to a backup.