Ask for help of GMP documentations

Dear fellows,
Hi, this is Jimmy from China, I am working in a pharmaceutical company. Our company is preparing for EU and US GMP audit in next years. Currently, my work is translating names/titles of a catalogue of GMP files from Chinese into English, this is a so hard task for me since there are more than 1000 files, though there would not need many words but to make the translation to be native look I have to spend much time to check and search with google, the work proceeds so slow. Today, it dawns on me that maybe I could ask for help here, ask some fellow in US, CA, UK, AU, IN to share the catalogue of GMP files, and in return, I can send a copy of our Chinese catalogue of GMP files for your reference if you are interested in that, and if, coincidentally, your company is developing Chinese market this would be a good material for you. All I need is just the name of the GMP files at the moment, there seems no possibility to leak your company’s information, and what I will send you is also a list of names of GMP files.

In china, the files are categorized into 10 parts, they are:
QA, QC, production department, technology department, engineering department, warehousing department, marketing department, administration office, supply department, accounts department. If it is similarly categorized in your country that would be great.

My email address is would somebody send me a copy? ^ ^
Thanks very much in advance, and welcome to discuss.

哈喽,can anyone help?

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