Article of the month June - Steam quality monitoring


EN285, HTM2010, 2031 guidelines state - Steam quality, purity and quantity can be affected by the design, use, and maintenance of the overall steam system. Steam systems should be designed to ensure that the steam delivered to the sterilizer is saturated steam having a steam quality of 97% to 100%. Steam of poor quality can contribute to wet packs and to sub-optimal steam sterilization cycles that might or might not be identified by biological monitoring. The standard produced by EN 285 is now becoming adopted by many countries and pharmaceutical environment across the world.

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Thank you for the information

This article is excellent. We do all these testing from last 3 years in our factory & results we getting are helpful to determine the quality of steam

It has solved my many questins at glance.

I would like to read this article, it seems it has been removed, can i get a copy?