Article of the month Dec 07 - Guidelines, Equipment, and Supplies for Sterile Compoun

Guidelines, Equipment, and Supplies for Sterile Compounding and Manufacturing.

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Very nice article

Thank you Shahnawaz Sajid

I have learned new concepts from this

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Extremely nice article Shahnawaz

This helped me in learning improved things ,

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I have gone through this article, it is very informative and helpfull for future carrer of pharma personnels.

I read the article somewhat lately but infact its never too late!!! Its really inforamtive and all the informations are in a beutifull sequence and detail. Such articles can be valueable for the manufacturers and all pharmaceutical scientists to do both, doing the right job, and doing the job right.

Very nice and informative article

This is very informative and helpfull!

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Article was really nice but would like to comment on few

  1. Definition Class 100 = NMT 100 particles of 0.5 micron and above, in the article mentioned 0.05micron.

  2. Filter integrity recomended to do product BPT instead of WFI

Dear Shehnawaj,

its really a great article. Thanks for the update.

Can you please help me why the particle size of 0.5µ & 5µ is being considered for clean room classification. What is the base for maximum number of permitted particles??