AQL (ISO 2859/1, table 2A

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I am facing a problem with ISO 2859/1 norm (table 2A). Let’s say I have to take 500 samples according to the lot quantity(35001-150000). What if I find a defect with AQL 4? How should I find Ac and Rj number? Should I take 315 more samples and check them (for this code we have Ac=21 and Rj=22)? Or I shouldn’t take anything but how then should I find Ac and Rj number?
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Well it seems noone has got an answer=)
I contacted our partners from Switzerland and got the information that correct answer is 22 out of 500. Also I contacted ISO technical commitee. Once I get a rep[ly, I’ll post it.

Dear all,
I received an answer from ISO commitee. It is not correct to use a proportion (22 out of 200=55 out of 500) for a Rj number determination. It is up to you how to proceed - to use Rj=22 out of 500 (from the first sampling or to take 200 samples more and try to find 22 defect items. Hope this information will be useful.
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