Analysis of raw materials, as per pharmacopoeia ... of target OR originating country

background - manufacturing facility in one country(Europe) and product is exported to another. (viz., US)

logic :- , since the products are intended for target geography, they ought to comply with the requirements of pharmacopoeia of target geography. (& also, the products are not intended to be marketed in the country where manufacturing facility is located)
going by above logic, it is adequate to analyze the product as per the pharmacopoeia of target geography.

query :- is there any reference from EU or any geography which makes it mandatory that, all raw materials to be analyzed as per European Pharmacopoeia.?

No, I do not think so.
In most of the cases the labled content is tested as per the regulatory authorities acceptance and limits concerned.
There is no hard and fast rule that only EP requirements works or used.
At times USP, JP and also BP are commonly selected as per standard label claim either the limits are given in USP/EP/JP or BP