AHU Design Spec vs Actual

Hi All,

I am a bit confused. I am reviewing an HAVC qualification and the design spec for air supply the AHU is lower than the actual supply. The engineer recorded that the unit is supplying 137% above the design spec. He maintains this is correct, however I feel that is not as then the AHU is over performing. The example I gave is a car is designed to do a certain speed, say 100km/h, but Im driving it at 120km/h, this is above the design of the car and techincal problems can occer.

Am I just being absent minded here or is the engineers approach spot on?


I have seen AHU’s operating above design spec before, but whether 37% above design spec is suitable, is not something that should be discussed here. Also, you might commission this, but it wouldn’t qualify that % capacity.

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Thanks JaredCroft, I knew I was on the right track, but for some reason the engineer managed to get me to doubt myself.

I too have worked on Units that supply more than design, however, by a rather small percentage in comparison to the above situation.
Engineer is due back on site in the coming week, I will corner him and double check the details, as the report is not really as straight forward as it should be and all rather confusing.

Thanks again…