Absence of certificates

Hi All.

I’m new to the forum. I just stumbled across this a few days ago and found this place to be very resourceful and helpful.

I have a question, hopefully someone here can help provide some insight.

Currently I am commissioning a simple system which has no critical functions or components, except for 2 stainless steel parts that are product contacting. As part of my verification, I checked for the following certificates for the parts: material of construction, electropolish, surface finish, and welding doc. The vendor provided everything except for the welding documents. Apparently they did not generate the welding certs, maps, logs, reports, etc.

My question is, what is the most painless and cost-effective approach to this?


Maybe a little more information is needed. What industry are you in? Is there, for example, a regulatory requirement for you to receive and hold these certificates? Do you have a contractual agreement that requires the vendor to deliver these certificates? If not required by any of the above, are they truly added value?