A variable load's autoclave configuration

I’d like have information and suggestion about a topic…the study of
heat penetration in a autoclave (steam sterilization)with the load
not fixed.
Let me explain
I got a index with all the elements that compose the load but the
production dpt could want the possibility of arranged the load with
the element that be of use. In other words it want assembly the load
using a part of the element in the index and positioning them without
a fixed pattern.
The load with all the elements in the index (also without a fixed
position)could be considered the “worst case” load.
Can i perform 5 or 7 cycle with the “worst case” load rearranged the
disposition of element from cycle to cycle and than run a cycle with
one element (max and min load)? it’s possible consider the various
intermediate loads “Validate”?
How can i set up the validation study?
Thanks in advanced for your help.
Michele from Italy

sir, please give some information about validation of autoclave by using Biological indicator

With regards