10 Biggest Quality Mistakes

10 Biggest Quality Mistakes.


The Ten Biggest Quality Mistakes - Cochran.zip (13.4 KB)

plz post one more time, its very intresting topic we hope ASAP

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The Ten Biggest Quality Mistakes - Cochran.doc (51.0 KB)

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Good Article

He-he-he…very good and interesting…
When I reading QA mistakes, it was funny and not so much terrible :D…BUT
When I reading about maintenace it is NOT funny and this can HURT!!!:mad:

(Head of MAINTENANCE Dept.) :wink:

Anyway, thanks, usefull informations and expiriences…

Its satisfying to know about experiences another people en terms of Quality mistakes

Thanks a lot

All in a perfect world. hehe

Thanxs a lot. It is really good.


Good post. A lot of basic stuff for some of us, but we often forget some do not even know this.

its good document


Thank you so much for sharing this resource. It’s good to revisit the biggies and to question everything that one does.

Great article, I have the same feel as the author. but that might be right for the patients, because the complex manufacture system can esure a high qulity product.:o

It is a very interesting topic, hopefully soon ASAP. I am reading errors, it was fun and not so terrible. I think all the same mistake I have seen all the time.